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Top 5 Valentine’s Day rituals

Is the date for Valentine’s Day and more and more women wanting to enhance their love and their excitement with your partner, so that more and more spells and rituals for February 14.

But the question is always the same among the ladies who wait until February 14 to celebrate their spells looking for true love.

Although How does that really get your partner is secure? or How do I get to draw the attention of the man you want?

All these questions and some more, when comeinces to solve our lleer post with the best tricks and spells to carry out the Valentine’s night.

Ritual for the passion

This is one of the most spells followed by thousands of women who seek a secure and more passionate commitment sentimental. Encesarios ingredients are: 3 red candles, a plate blac, cinnamon and honey.


Enter the name of your partner in your sails and red on the other side, úntalas with honey and cinnamon and put them on the white plate in a pyramid. Turn on and pray the prayer of St. Valentine (or think the feeling so strong that you wake up your partner and you want more passion).

Ritual of the 7 red roses

This is also another method known by women to strengthen the relationship or attract the desired person. 7 You must buy red roses and place them in a vase without water until they are dry. Then put it in a box and put them in the door of a church where marriages are held.

In this way, compromise your relationship grow and strengthen feelings.

Ritual of heart

It is used to attract the desired person. You should light a purple candle in a glass of water. After drawing a heart in a red paper, cut them out and place it near the candle and the glass. For last few concentrate and use your mental strength to get what you want.

Ritual to keep the loved one

This ritual is similar to the union, although this seems to be more functional. The ingredients are: rice, milk, cinnamon, lemon and cloves 7. You must put everything to boil in the same container and then write on a parchment desires that you would like to meet with your partner.

San “Deshacedor” Ritual

This ritual serves to scare off the bad vibes and experiences outside of your life. Coneste ritual, you forget about the bad influences. The necessary ingredients are myrrh and a candle.

Put the candle with myrrh and concentrate on your desires and eliminate bad energies.

Finally we suggest how to trick you’re mentally strong and start to want to force things that make you happy, so, watch gradually fulfilling your dreams.